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The Abandoned Property Saga And The Lie Within

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

Whenever an Igbo talks about the atrocity called Abandoned Property, a Yoruba or HausaFulani will always be around to tell them to shut up. Telling them how it was a certain Ken Saro-wiwa, their fellow so called Biafran that claimed their lands and houses in Port Harcourt. They will further tell you how no Igbo property was confiscated or taken in the entire Northern and Western Nigeria. This unholy lie has lingered so long that even many Ndi Igbo has come to accept as true and erroneously propagate it.

What the removal of history did to the psych of people is that they bought all the lies oozing out from paid commentators in the conventional Media owned by Western Nigerians, serving the interest of Northern caliphate. They have for ages used the Nigeria media as weapon against the Igbo child, turning some of them against their people. But with the coming of the social Media, Elochukwu Ohagi can now counter and expose their age long lies.

When the name of Ken Saro-wiwa is mentioned, an Igbo will remember how he led the abandoned property programme and forcefully took over properties belonging to Ndi Igbo in Port Harcourt. To those who always run these lines, I have a question to ask you guys. Can you tell me who was in charge of Nigeria in 1970 after the war? Was it Ken Saro-wiwa or Yakubu Gowon? Who is Ken Saro-wiwa then in Nigeria politics? The President or Head of state? If he is not any of these, then how and where did he got the power to take people's properties? An honest answer to this question will simply get your brains re-setted.

General Yakubu Gowon was the military Head of State during that time. In fact Biafrans surrendered to his government and the onus lies upon him to protect the citizens of Nigeria, including the surrendered Biafrans that was defeated and forced to become Nigeria citizens again. So tell me how Ken Saro-wiwa became so powerful to have gone to Port Harcourt to start confiscating properties belonging to Ndi Igbo. How come the MILITARY GOVERNMENT OF YAKUBU GOWON allow a civilian to do such act? Could it be that Gowon knows and sanctioned it? If not why didn't he stop him?

There is this tendency in every man to reap where he did not sow. That's why people tend to get more drunk when they are not buying drinks with their own money. Just like Ken Saro-wiwa and his brothers went after the properties of Ndi Igbo in Port Harcourt, that's how same happened both in the North and West. Man is naturally selfish. That's why they needed law to checkmate this innate desire of man. The power that be restrained such absolute takeover of Igbo properties from the North. But not as if they didn't takeover properties belonging to Ndi Igbo. Meanwhile, more than 50,000 of Ndi Igbo has been killed already in the North prior to the war. So the taking over of properties started in the North even before the war happened. So many Igbo property owners have already been killed in the pogrom of 1966. So it is little or no Ndi Igbo went back to the North to claim properties. Dead people don't claim properties. In the West, Ojukwu's father's property was declared abandoned and taken by Lagos state government. Not even a Court case could return this property to Ojukwu's family. So you see that these people have been fooling us with their lies.

Yes, Ken Saro-wiwa was used. He let himself used, but it was a project executed by Nigeria government. And Yakubu Gowon must take responsibility. Nigeria was guided by law under him and weren't a banana republic where anything goes. So if a Ken Saro-wiwa who is not even Ikwere, but Ogoni can move to take over properties belonging to Ndi Igbo, then the government in charge backed him. The aim was to create a bad blood among the components of Biafra.

Make no mistake about it. It was those that blockaded Biafra, used hunger as a weapon of war, gave your father's 20pounds out of the millions they have in the bank that also enforced the atrocity called abandoned property and not their agent called Ken Saro-wiwa.

After reading this and you still let them fool you, then you are unteachable.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher And Activist. ( Twitter:@ElochukwuOhagi

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