• Okwy Onwuka

IPOB Leader NNamdi Kanu Address Biafrans and the World on New Year Day


The launching of SOCIAL WELFARE SCHEME by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to address the problems of poor public infrastructure, unemployment and joblessness in BIAFRALAND is a very welcome development.

Biafra as a struggle is borne of the sincere call to address the social, political and economic injustices and marginalisation on the people and region of the OLD EASTERN NIGERIA.

Sadly, Nigerian federation and her drivers because of their sheer hatred for the people of Biafra have only succeeded in exacerbating these problems.

The good news is that, THE PEOPLE have woken up to do the right thing and I know that no force on earth can quench the thirst of a determined people.

After the Nigeria-Biafra civil war in 1970, Nigerian government introduced 3R to rebuild the Biafra states that was destroyed by the clueless war. Unfortunately, this was not implemented. Sheer wickedness.

Let the people arise and take their rightful place of honour.

Thank you IPOB for the launch of Social Welfare Scheme project.

Emmanuel Acha, Reporting.

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