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Extract From Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Special Broadcast

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Welcome to another edition of Radio Biafra live presentation, on this very day the last day of the second month of the year 2020, that Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama has made, with the time now standing at precisely 10minutes past 7 pm in the blessed land of Biafra, I welcome each and every one of you listening, I welcome those who have joined us from far flaw riches of this very planet, regardless of where you are I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you.

We are under very serious and sustain attack this very evening, some of you who are listening via-Radio Biafra Facebook platform you will notice that some of you have been removed unceremoniously, our enemies are not relenting, our enemies are not barking-down and as they continue to do all they can to frustrate this very divine project, we are renewed in our faith, our strength goes from bound to bound, lip upon lip because we are relentless, we are resolute, we are determine, it does not matter what the enemies do, it doesn't matter what they are likely to do tomorrow, one thing remains very consistent, this very family, this very IPOB, this very mission to restore upon this very earth the wish of heaven must be accomplished in our time.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu,iam the leader of indigenous people of Biafra,by the very special grace of the almighty in heaven Chukwu Okike Abiama pure ime ihe nile,inrreducible, indivisible one God, the creator of everything that we see around us, only by his grace shall we continue to serve the wonderful people of Biafra, as I welcome you,I will encourage you to welcome those who are around you, I will also ask you to bring your pen and paper handy because this is the very greatest university on the face of this very earth,we propagate the gospel of truth, the gospel of redemption, what this very generation is at the treasure of accomplishing has never been done before, and after we we are gone it can never ever be attempted because those we are fighting or should i say those fighting against us have limitless resources,they are boiled by there Criminal mindedness,they are encouraged by there terrorist tendency,they are infused by the support they are getting from Britain, but I sit here this very evening behind this microphone,this very platform ordained by heaven to proclaim that no matter what the accomplish, no matter there plans, regardless of their conspiracy, regardless of everything within there power's they intend to do to stop this very project,they can never ever ever succeed, because IPOB is here, because IPOB is here Biafra is also here and in our time and the will of heaven shall prevail upon this very earth, that's why this evening i will pray a very common prayer to convey this very fact, to convey in escapable reality that there is only one God in heaven, not two, not three, not four,there for i will say the prayer of yahusha,i will say the prayer of those who has come before us,our father who at in heaven,hallow be thy name,thy kingdom done come,thy will be done on earth as it's in heaven, give us these very day our daily bread and forgive us of our trespasses and forgive those who trespasses against us,lead us not into temptation but delivery us from all evil, for thy is the kingdom,thy power and thy glory forever and ever we pray iseee isee iseeeeeeee.

I say this prayer this very evening for one very simple reason, to underline the fact that there is only one God in heaven, not two, not three, not four, everything that is born of a woman will bow before God in heaven.

This very evening we shall preach the gospel of redemption, the gospel of restoration, the gospel of renewal, the gospel of hope, the gospel of liberation that those who are privilege to listen might be set free from the damnable bondage zoological republic created by Britain and sustained by neocolonialists, those who seek to gain from the suffering of the masses, that's why Biafra will come and with it freedom for everybody, I say freedom for everybody not just for the very few but for all, this very evening if you don't have your pen and paper handy, if you are not ready to receive this very gospel than there is something fundamentally wrong with you because a lot is wrong with Nigeria, a lot is wrong with zoo, people are been slaughter like flies all over the place, impunity upon impunity.

I do not want those people with there to horse wing, who will be sitting sometime next week

to determine what becomes of Imo state, what they are looking for is not any part of Biafraland, what they want to occupy is Owerri, Caliphate needs Owerri so much so they can strangle us, Bayelsa is not important to them, what they are looking for is IMO state.

Hope Uzodinma cannot remain there because nobody voted for him.

Hope Uzodinma is a stooge of the Fulani Caliphate, his installation in Imo State to bid the interest of the Sokoto Caliphate for the Islamisation of Biafraland will not stand, the only way out is for the Supreme Court to call for a fresh election

Don't use what happened in Bayelsa to justify What happened in Imo, what they caliphate is after is the heart of Biafraland which is Imo and we can't allow that to happen

Nzeogwu led January 15, 1966, military coup, and it was labeled Igbo coup, as a result, Igbos and many Biafrans were massacred, today they say that people from Nzeogwu’s village are not Igbo.

The Fulani float's five terror group, I say five! but they boldly who to rule Nigeria.

The only place in the world they have five terrorist groups in Nigeria.

IPOB peaceful agitates for freedom and everywhere is on fire.

There is no group within IPOB called hardcore.

What is sustaining the economy of Britain is the Oil and Gas stolen from Biafraland.

For every barrel of crude oil Nigeria sells, Britain gets 13, that's why the support Nigeria.

"If Britain is denied access to oil in Biafra land, Britain will go into bankruptcy in 8months.

We are in America doing a lot of work and exposing the zoo for what it is.

I will be in Washington DC for our one million Biafran march on 20 June 2020, We invite everybody to join us, If the Fulani caliphate is persecuting your ethnic nationality in Nigeria you are welcome to join us.

Terrorism is a very big industry in the North.

Nigeria is planning to export terrorists by sending them abroad for education.

In Chad, They Are Persecuting Terrorists While In Nigeria Terrorists Is Recruited Into Nigeria Army.

Military roadblocks are everywhere in the East while Boko Haram is in the North killing them.

Nigeria is a curse, if you don't kill Nigeria, Nigeria will kill you.

Fulani used fear to conquer and subdue the Yoruba race.

Osibanjo is a Cosmetic Vice President.

Nigeria is being ruled by the face of Buhari and the hands of Abba Kyari

Written By Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah

For Umuchiukwu Writers

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